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We are excited to announce an annual initiative to recognise and reward the dedication of binmen and cleaners across the UK and Globe . Each year for Christmas, we will gift a brand-new car to at least one deserving binman and one cleaner in each of the 109 counties across UK. This initiative expresses our gratitude and acknowledges the invaluable services these professionals provide, ensuring clean and safe environments. Through this gesture, we aim to highlight their significant contributions and enhance their daily lives as a small thank you for their unwavering dedication. Phase A: Direct Engagement with Car Manufacturers. We welcome donations from car makers in the form of new cars or monetary contributions. Partnerships: Establishing direct contact with domestic and international car manufacturers to secure donations of new vehicles. Reselling Donated Cars: Luxury cars will be resold at 10% below market price, with proceeds reinvested to purchase new standard-category cars for giveaways. Online Platform: Promotes the charitable mission and facilitates the sale of luxury cars at reduced prices. Donation Opportunities: Buyers can make additional donations during purchase, supporting further car giveaways. Supporting Car Industry: Proceeds will be reinvested into purchasing new standard-category cars to support the industry. Car Giveaway Criteria: New standard cars will be given to binmen and cleaners with 7-30 years of proven service. Phase B: Direct Engagement with the General Public. We welcome donations from the general public in the form of new cars or monetary contributions. Awareness and Support: Actively engaging the public to raise awareness and encourage donations for binmen and cleaners. Fostering Appreciation: Promoting a culture of appreciation for the essential work of these workers. Commitment to Recognition and Support: Recognizing and supporting the contributions of binmen and cleaners. Environmental Sustainability: Promoting sustainable waste management and environmental conservation. Community Well-being: Enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities in the UK and globally. Together, these phases aim to recognise and support vital workers while promoting environmental sustainability and community well-being. Thank you for your contributions and for considering being part of our community.

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